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269378 Bill Webber 2019‑11‑03 Re: Brown Auction Service Fall 2019 Dealer Sale
Bud Brown's show and auction was a fun time, yet again.  As usual, lots 
of laughing and scratching with old friends.  Lots to learn from the 
experts and other sellers.

A big surprise was the display of three historic planes.  The most 
famous of planes was there, the 1876 ebony and ivory plow plane by 
Sandusky, that sold for $114K a few years back.  Also displayed was the 
Montgomery presentation plow ($65K recently) and the single arm plow by 
McMaster.  Great to see these originals.  I should have taken some 
pictures but didn't think of it.  Tony got the back of the display in 
this picture.  The table in the foreground, Sandusky on he left, 
Montgomery on the right, and the McMaster is hidden by the display.


I've been busy with other projects and didn't get into auction-mood as 
much as I could have.  I won four nice lots. The first is a band-box new 
and complete Stanley #143, one of the last ones made, with a SW logo.
Second lot was this pair of shrink rules.
Third lot was a nice 30" Stanley brass-bound level  It should fit nicely 
in the Hilton chest.  It is a little newish for the chest but I haven't 
found anything better as yet. I neglected to grab the picture for that 
one.  Last was this set of piano tuning tools.
These go well with the last of my restored player pianos.  The tools are 
from Hammacher Schlemmer except for the wire cutters which are Starrett. 
  Lots of brass, nickel and exotic wood. Yum!


Bill W.
Nottingham, PA
Woodworkers visit me at http://bi

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