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269374 "Jon & Terry Spencer" <terrynjon@g...> 2019‑11‑03 Re: Galootaclaus 2019
Good morning, Elf Wrangler,

I have never participated in this event, though I have certainly enjoyed
following along over the years.  I am interested in signing up, but am not
sure where to do so.  Please let me know.



Snip:       Howdy folks,It’s kinda hard to believe that November is almost
upon us but yes, it’s time to start thinking about our annual rite of
galootishness. For those who would like to participate this year the
sign-up form will be put online on Saturday, November 2nd. As always, new
participants are most welcome to join in the fun! This isn’t just for the
usual suspects.Regards,Johna.k.a. Elf Wrangler

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