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269372 Ed Minch <ruby1638@a...> 2019‑11‑02 Re: Oldtools message which mentions sawmill blades
> On Nov 2, 2019, at 6:40 AM, John Ruth  wrote:
> I do have one of the special saw tensioning hammers.

From John Ruth - before asking to ignore.

But I can't ignore.  I have a saw tensioning hammer or a file maker’s hammer
that I am de-aquisitionating.  I am not sure of the difference, but I have been
told that one has a domed face and one does not - mine has a domed face and
weighs perhaps 2 pounds.

Is anyone interested in curating it for the next phase of it’s life?  I think it
will fit in a medium Priority Mail box.

Ed Minch

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