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269206 leeburk--- 2019‑09‑17 Jeff Gorman
"I'll move his rocker to the honoured side of the porch, and drink a glass to
him, and the others in that corner, on October 11th."
Although I live some 4,200 miles from Jeff Gorman's home I thought of him as a
neighbor. You know, the wise one down the street that had all the tools, the
experience and skill needed to use them and the great virtuous heart which
allowed him to share his knowledge with his neighbors.
There aren't enough people like Jeff that the world can afford to lose any of
269305 Chuck Taylor 2019‑10‑08 Re: Jeff Gorman

What a pleasure to hear from you again! It's been a while. Last time we met in
person was June 11, 2011, at the PNTC swap meet in Hillsboro, Oregon. IIRC, you
bought some center bits. I bought a vise screw from Jack Birkey at the auction;
it is currently serving as part of the leg vise on my workbench.

Great to see the picture of you and Jeff together too. Thanks for passing it

Chuck Taylor
north of Seattle USA

On Monday, October 7, 2019, 7:22:32 PM PDT, Tom'sGmail 

Galoots (It’s been a while since I’ve used that salutation),

I seldom look in my “junk” email box, which is mostly filled with msgs caught by
the UC Davis spam filter. Today I went there looking for a msg I had
accidentally deleted, and found the one below, which I forward to you all, with
fond memories from the heyday of the OldTools listserve, from the  late ‘90s
through the oughts.

Below that you’ll see a pic my wife Judy took of me and Jeff on September 19,
2011, when we visited him and his wife Marjorie in Yorkshire. (The cap was his.)
It was a lovely visit. We arrived the previous afternoon, as planned. What we
had not planned was the wonderful dinner Marjorie prepared, and their insistence
that we stay the night in their guest room. I had the obligatory shop tour,
which was a treat.

So the world has lost another craftsman, teacher, and author (in Good
Woodworking magazine), trained in the 1940s in the Cotswold tradition, as Jeff
was rightfully proud to say, I believe with Edward Barnsley.

Please forward this on to anyone you think would be interested to know.

Best wishes,
Tom Holloway 

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