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269300 Thomas Bruce <tom.bruce.trb@g...> 2019‑10‑06 Re: Other Workmate Crazies

Workmates are sometimes found in good company:  https://tinyurl.com/y6fsy3c4
,  I've got an early one -- lightyears better than the newer models with
the chipboard tops.  I've now bought half-a-dozen early ones from
Craigslist to give to younger friends as new-home gifts, where it's usually
a toss-up between buying them a Workmate or buying them a wheelbarrow.
Both are greeted with puzzlement -- the extreme gratitude seems to show up
about two years later ;).

(shot is of final cleanup and assembly of a run of 16 chairs I built for an
arts center on Long Island, htt
ps://www.watermillcenter.org/about/ )


On Fri, Oct 4, 2019 at 7:54 PM Kirk Eppler via OldTools <
oldtools@s...> wrote:

> All
> I recently joined Garage Journal to be able to see pictures easier, and I
> kill a little time there occasionally.
> The other day I noticed a Workmate thread, with 1200+ entries.  Read
> through most of it, looked at the pics, noticed some of these guys had 5+
> workmates.  (Greg H, competition for you?)
> They had found most of the add on stuff, modified them, painted them, found
> Smurfmates, the type 1 with the Lunar Lander legs, the whole nine yards.
> HobbyMates, BoxMates, Benchmates, but not the table top one I had.    I put
> my own response in, claiming curatorship of the type study, will see if I
> get an avalanche of new information.
> > https:/
> --
> Kirk Eppler in Half Moon Bay, CA, off to the weekend's fun and games.  And
> maybe tool gathering.
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Thomas R. Bruce

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