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269296 James Pickering <jpickering5@c...> 2019‑10‑05 Re: [SPAM?] Re: My work area
Good morning Richard.

It is nice to start off the day conversing with a Yorkshireman! But thank you
very much for the warm welcome.

I was born (1929) and grew up in Burnley, Lancashire pretty much on the border
with Yorkshire. According to my Grandfather the Pickering’s were originally from
North Yorkshire - and according to my grandmother on my mother’s side the
Baldwin’s were originally from Bacup in Lancashire. So, I could wear my cricket
cap with a white Rose badge when the great rivalry match was held at Headingly
(Leeds - after fish and chips at Harry Ramsden’s Emporium) and my cricket cap
with a red rose badge when the match was held at Old Trafford. I avoided a lot
of unpleasantness that way! Headley Verity was my all-time favorite bowler (of
course Don Brahman was my all-time favorite cricketer). Please forgive all that
rambling Richard - I seldom get to talk about cricket these days!

I emigrated to the United States in 1950 - I now live in Tucson, Arizona.

I do understand the phrase ‘Wazzat then?’  - thank you for the explanation.

I have always dearly loved Vintage woodworking hand tools - and working with
them. I will until the day I depart this mortal coil. So I feel in good company
here indeed.

Again, thank you for the warm welcome and explanation, Richard

Former Lancashire/Yorkshire lad now a “Yank”.

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