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269293 "yorkshireman@y..." <yorkshireman@y...> 2019‑10‑04 Re: [SPAM?] Re: My work area
Hello James, 

First a big welcome, and what an interesting website.  

You need to come over to this end of the Porch and pull up a chair - oh, I see
you walked your own over here - Well, that’s good, because we have  become a bit
crowded.  Comes from standing and sitting around the barrel of of real ale.
Anyway, I was saying, You’ll be fiting right in to our virtual porch, amongst
the rockers and chairs - Windsors over there, Adirondack’s over there…
What was I saying?  Hate it when I can’t remember who i am.
Oh aye -  I was fascinated by the fitting out of trucks, and references to
‘real’ craftsmanship such as we just don’t do in everyday life any more.  It’s
important to kep the knowledge of how to do fine work with simple tools, and
we’re the only ones doing so.

And the reason for responding - apart from saying hello - was to add a bit to
Bill’s comment.   It’s been a bit of a habit on the Porch to elbow any of our
number to sugest that they explain a bit more about what a tool is  with the
phrase ‘Wazzat then?’  which harks back to a former time, such as explaining a
cross-Atlantic phrases by referencing one or other of  members in parentheses.

Richard Wilson
 Yorkshireman  Galoot
 In Northumbria(that’s up near Scotland, Paddy)

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