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269271 James Pickering <jpickering5@c...> 2019‑10‑03 My work area
One more, fellow old tool lovers and users: I have to work in close quarters
these days - I illustrate my work area at: https://jp29.org/bench.htm


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269276 Bill Webber 2019‑10‑04 Re: My work area
Hey James,

Glad to see you are still able to pursue your projects.  I seem some 
exotic-appearing wood blanks on the bench.  What are your plans for 
those?  Your bench is very clean and neat.  Do you really make things or 
are you just putting us on?  :-)

Bill W.
Nottingham, PA
Woodworkers visit me at http://bi
269277 James Pickering <jpickering5@c...> 2019‑10‑04 Re: My work area
Hello Bill,

The wood blanks/odds-and-ends are for decoration and my pleasure. I love exotic
hard woods - that results from my first school wood working teacher (Mr. Lord in
1940) giving me some pieces of Lignum Vitae, Macassar ebony and Iron wood (he
loved exotic hard wood too) that I displayed on the windowsill of my bedroom. I
like the look and feel of most exotic hard woods although I find most of it very
difficult to work (for inlays etc.). In addition to the woods I mentioned, there
are blanks and pieces of King wood, African black wood, Greenheart (?), Gaboon
ebony, Tulip Wood, Snake wood, Cocobolo, Rosewood, et al. decorating my bench.

Doesn’t every woodworking craftsman leave his bench clean and neat?

As far as making things, well, it all depends what you mean, Bill. Although I
set out to make some jewelry boxes for the ladies in my family (and some
friends) I haven’t made one box yet. But I have made lots of dovetail joints and
really enjoyed doing so. I may never make another box because I am enjoying just
making dovetail joints too much - most of the ones I make these days will not
pass muster, too many gaps and overrunning the base line - I have one of those
saws that wanders from the layout lines:) But I do occasionally make good joints
(like the one I pictured in the last message attachment). I am spending many
enjoyable hours using my tools. Here is a pic I took just a short time ago of
this morning’s dovetail joint rejects: https://jp29.org/000dovetail1.jpg


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269278 Ed Minch <ruby1638@a...> 2019‑10‑04 Re: My work area
Wazzat den?

Ed Minch
269279 James Pickering <jpickering5@c...> 2019‑10‑04 Re: My work area
Sorry Ed Minch but I do not understand the terminology?


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269280 Dan Beck <drumsandbacon@g...> 2019‑10‑04 Re: My work area
Thanks for sharing your workspace, James. I always enjoy looking at
other people's workspaces.

"I have one of those saws that wanders from the layout lines" - I have
one of those, too! Darn saws!!

269284 Praki Prakash <praki.prakash@g...> 2019‑10‑04 Re: My work area
Hi James,

Thanks for posting the link to your website. I really enjoyed it and I wish
you many more years of happy woodworking to come.

I also found the section on book binding and letterform
writing very interesting. I had never thought of using wallpaper in book
binding. Of course, it makes perfect sense now :)

269285 James Pickering <jpickering5@c...> 2019‑10‑04 Re: My work area
Thank you Praki. I have been putting a lot of effort into updating my web pages
(footsteps of the “grim reaper” sounding louder and closer these days)
especially the pages relating to vintage woodworking hand tools and their use.
In fact, I have just finished updating my index page and https://jp29.org/woodworking.htm


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269290 Ed Minch <ruby1638@a...> 2019‑10‑04 Re: My work area
“What’s that then”  - a way to say "I don't know what your talking about when
you say that everyone wants their bench to be clean and neat".  I try not to let
perfection get in the way of the possible.

Ed Minch
269291 James Pickering <jpickering5@c...> 2019‑10‑04 Re: My work area
Oh I see Bill. But I didn’t say “ …………… that everyone wants their bench to be
clean and neat", I said “…………… doesn’t every woodworking craftsman leave his
bench clean and neat”.  (That is when he is finished working) - Just a matter of


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269293 "yorkshireman@y..." <yorkshireman@y...> 2019‑10‑04 Re: [SPAM?] Re: My work area
Hello James, 

First a big welcome, and what an interesting website.  

You need to come over to this end of the Porch and pull up a chair - oh, I see
you walked your own over here - Well, that’s good, because we have  become a bit
crowded.  Comes from standing and sitting around the barrel of of real ale.
Anyway, I was saying, You’ll be fiting right in to our virtual porch, amongst
the rockers and chairs - Windsors over there, Adirondack’s over there…
What was I saying?  Hate it when I can’t remember who i am.
Oh aye -  I was fascinated by the fitting out of trucks, and references to
‘real’ craftsmanship such as we just don’t do in everyday life any more.  It’s
important to kep the knowledge of how to do fine work with simple tools, and
we’re the only ones doing so.

And the reason for responding - apart from saying hello - was to add a bit to
Bill’s comment.   It’s been a bit of a habit on the Porch to elbow any of our
number to sugest that they explain a bit more about what a tool is  with the
phrase ‘Wazzat then?’  which harks back to a former time, such as explaining a
cross-Atlantic phrases by referencing one or other of  members in parentheses.

Richard Wilson
 Yorkshireman  Galoot
 In Northumbria(that’s up near Scotland, Paddy)
269296 James Pickering <jpickering5@c...> 2019‑10‑05 Re: [SPAM?] Re: My work area
Good morning Richard.

It is nice to start off the day conversing with a Yorkshireman! But thank you
very much for the warm welcome.

I was born (1929) and grew up in Burnley, Lancashire pretty much on the border
with Yorkshire. According to my Grandfather the Pickering’s were originally from
North Yorkshire - and according to my grandmother on my mother’s side the
Baldwin’s were originally from Bacup in Lancashire. So, I could wear my cricket
cap with a white Rose badge when the great rivalry match was held at Headingly
(Leeds - after fish and chips at Harry Ramsden’s Emporium) and my cricket cap
with a red rose badge when the match was held at Old Trafford. I avoided a lot
of unpleasantness that way! Headley Verity was my all-time favorite bowler (of
course Don Brahman was my all-time favorite cricketer). Please forgive all that
rambling Richard - I seldom get to talk about cricket these days!

I emigrated to the United States in 1950 - I now live in Tucson, Arizona.

I do understand the phrase ‘Wazzat then?’  - thank you for the explanation.

I have always dearly loved Vintage woodworking hand tools - and working with
them. I will until the day I depart this mortal coil. So I feel in good company
here indeed.

Again, thank you for the warm welcome and explanation, Richard

Former Lancashire/Yorkshire lad now a “Yank”.

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269297 James Pickering <jpickering5@c...> 2019‑10‑05 Re: [SPAM?] Re: My work area
Correction to my previous post - I am losing my grip these days!

Should be Hedley Verity (great Yorkshire bowler in the 1930’s - died a hero in

Should be Don Bradman - the greatest batsman of all time (Australia).

BTW, I updated https://jp29.org/wwmak
etruck.htm this morning.


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269299 rock harris <nombre7@g...> 2019‑10‑05 Re: My work area
I love cricket; one of the few Americans who does.

Good to have on while working.

rock harris
lesser programming deity, tyro woodworker, and aficionado of obsolete machinery

sent from my BatPhone....

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