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269283 Erik Levin 2019‑10‑04 Re: New Shop
Dan wrote:
> I've hesitated hanging chisels on them. Something about the metal on
> metal contact that makes me nervous that my chisels might get nicked
> or damaged. Am I being too overly cautious?
I wouldn't tend to worry about it, as the contact should be well back from the
cutting edge, but a strip of electrical tape will provide some softness and a
bit of friction without enough separation to prevent hold, for a reasonably
strong magnet. My worry with edge tools would lean more toward knocking the tool
off by accident or hitting the business end while reaching for another tool.

 Knowing myself well, I pretty much keep chisels racked so that the edge is not
exposed to damage or to do damage. The ones that stay out are in a rack with
slots, handle up, with the working end resting on poplar. I drop them in and in
maybe another five years will need to replace the bottom, as it is getting
pretty chewed up. The others are in a drawer in a slotted board like what I use
for files.

Of course, you could make your own magnetic rack by embedding rare earth disk
magnets in a board from the back. Bore until maybe 0.5mm shy of breakthrough.
Fancier yet would be to cut (or build up) slots sized to the chisel widths and
embed magnets behind them.

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