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269277 James Pickering <jpickering5@c...> 2019‑10‑04 Re: My work area
Hello Bill,

The wood blanks/odds-and-ends are for decoration and my pleasure. I love exotic
hard woods - that results from my first school wood working teacher (Mr. Lord in
1940) giving me some pieces of Lignum Vitae, Macassar ebony and Iron wood (he
loved exotic hard wood too) that I displayed on the windowsill of my bedroom. I
like the look and feel of most exotic hard woods although I find most of it very
difficult to work (for inlays etc.). In addition to the woods I mentioned, there
are blanks and pieces of King wood, African black wood, Greenheart (?), Gaboon
ebony, Tulip Wood, Snake wood, Cocobolo, Rosewood, et al. decorating my bench.

Doesn’t every woodworking craftsman leave his bench clean and neat?

As far as making things, well, it all depends what you mean, Bill. Although I
set out to make some jewelry boxes for the ladies in my family (and some
friends) I haven’t made one box yet. But I have made lots of dovetail joints and
really enjoyed doing so. I may never make another box because I am enjoying just
making dovetail joints too much - most of the ones I make these days will not
pass muster, too many gaps and overrunning the base line - I have one of those
saws that wanders from the layout lines:) But I do occasionally make good joints
(like the one I pictured in the last message attachment). I am spending many
enjoyable hours using my tools. Here is a pic I took just a short time ago of
this morning’s dovetail joint rejects: https://jp29.org/000dovetail1.jpg


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