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268999 Erik Levin 2019‑08‑05 Re: alameda fleabagging a deux
Bill said:

> i managed an old kennedy straight-sided 520 that had been painted ugly and
> needs a good de-rust prior to painting.  oh, and new felt in a lot of
> drawers.  but the contents came with it, and andrew jackson was pleased to
> be the agent of transfer.

It doesn't look bad in the pictures. All of the drawers are there, no visible
holes, both catches and the lock latch are there, there are no large dents in
hte top. Is the front cover there, and did it come with a key? I have several
that required patches and body filler that cost more. They go high in my area.
That would have been a Grant (or maybe even a Franklin, for a 526), contents

Even with the work to clean and repaint, much, much less expensive than new,
though as of the last new one I was involved with (several years ago at a job. I
didn't get to keep the box, to my unsurprised disappointment) was of
substantially the same quality of the older ones, though I do prefer the locking
hasp and leather handle to the cam lock and current handle.

Last one I did, I re-felted fully, including the dividers and all around the
sides of the top tray. It was a little less expensive to buy a sheet of good
quality felt, lay it out, and cut it to fit myself than to go to Kennedy, and it
is better protection for the tools.

> i managed to find a pair of fiamm airhorns to mount on my 87 vanagon syncro

A very admirable plan

> then i found what feels like one of the nicest adjustable-mouth block planes
i've held,
> comfortable and well balanced. it was made by some guy named bailey

I heard of him. Made good stuff, but they didn't hold up well. Some of them are
already near worn out.

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