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268996 Ed Minch <ruby1638@a...> 2019‑08‑05 Re: alameda fleabagging a deux
> On Aug 5, 2019, at 1:40 PM, Dragon List  wrote:
> https://kirkhmb.smugmug.com/Woodworking/Other-Galoots/Bill-
Kasper/i-vCgZknt/A <https://kirkhmb.smugmug.com/Woodworking/Other-


Garrett Wade has a little device that sell with their version of that vice that
makes increases the versatility - the only way to add mere Versa to that Vice.
I got one and put it on my daughter’s guitar repair bench and it is used every
day.  Maybe they would sell that little piece separately:


Good find on the block plane - really fun to find something like that.

Ed Minch

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