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268995 Dragon List <dragon01list@g...> 2019‑08‑05 alameda fleabagging a deux
i had the pleasure of sharing with michael suwczinsky (aka nicknaylo) a few
hours of time from dawn's early light wandering the alameda flea
yesterday.  it was a day for larger items and later pickups...


per usual we went straight to the back, and fairly quickly had some luck.
after i snagged 6 records in vg+ condition (including a great copy of
"street survivors" in its original cover with its original contents) i
managed an old kennedy straight-sided 520 that had been painted ugly and
needs a good de-rust prior to painting.  oh, and new felt in a lot of
drawers.  but the contents came with it, and andrew jackson was pleased to
be the agent of transfer.  we left it there to pick up later.

soon after michael picked up a versavise, a tall one (long-bill) and one of
andrews twins made its way to the seller who likewise held it for later
pickup.  along the way he picked up an offset bar hotcut, and i encouraged
him to spend $2 on meader's "illustrated guide to shaker furniture".  that
was about it for michael.  i managed to find a pair of fiamm airhorns to
mount on my 87 vanagon syncro westfalia, plus a bucket-o-tubes for my

then i found what feels like one of the nicest adjustable-mouth block
planes i've held, comfortable and well balanced.  it was made by some guy
named bailey; apparently his designs were bought out by stanley a few years
later.  in very good condition for something made when our country was rent
by civil war, i can't wait to get it cleaned and sharpened.  what's it
mean, though, when the blade is stamped "L. Bailey's Patent Aug 6. 67 Aug
31. 58 EXT'd."?  they extend a patent?  same plane, in as good or better
condition, as this:

my final purchase of the day came after i noticed, on the ground under a
seller's table, half covered by something soft, a late-model empire 598 II
(troubadour) turntable.  i asked how much for that, and his answer of
twinned jacksons had them out and in his hand rather quickly.  i requested
he hold on to it until we came back, to his assent.


not much else was seen, or desired, after that.  in fact, we made the
decision (after finding a fleamarket shopping cart abandoned by its renter)
to skip the front five or six rows and pick up our kit while rerunning the
rows at the back that had filled in, somewhat, since our earlier foray; we
found nothing new for us to bag...

it was a good day, finished off in style at ramiro's for mexican lunch.

felton, ca

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