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268667 "jjb-aia@j..." <jjb-aia@j...> 2019‑06‑11 Shelton Plane - Ed O' has the improved version
On June 10, 2019, Ed O' put the following on the auction block:

T8 - Shelton Patented Plane No. 3 Size Patent 1,914,609 - $10
Patented on June 6, 1933 under number 1,914,609.  It is a Shelton.  It is a not
so great plane from a not so great maker.  Did I mention that it is patented.
If you are looking for a great user, look elsewhere.

I have basically the same plane, a gift from my Father-in-law (born 1931), who
said it belonged to his Father. My example is marked "PAT-PDG" rather than with
a patent number, thus dating prior to 1933. I too have what seems to be a full
length blade, as the adjuster just barely brings it above the sole. The greatest
difference is that Ed O' has the coveted improved lateral adjustment feature on
his cap iron. Thus, although Ed O' is right that even bad ideas can be patented,
the earlier version was worse! Bargain hunters should snatch up this "for sale"
version before Ed O' realizes what he has and raises the price to $11! With
tongue firmly in-cheek, but glad to know more about this piece of nostalgia.
Thanks, Ed O'!

Jack Butkus, Trumbull, Connecticut
(Next door to Shelton, CT, and about an hour from that "Toolbox of America"

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