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268647 hb 2019‑06‑07 Re: Tongue and Groove Planes
I have two sets- 0ne for 3/4” boards and one for 1/2” boards. They were made
based on the thickness of the board you’re working.  Although I’ve used the 3/4”
set on 1 inch boards- you just have to keep track of the reference face of the
boards or they won’t line up when you’re done.

As I recall I paid less than 60 for all of them.   They’re solid users, not
collectors pieces.

You have to buy them together or you’ll waste a lot of time fiddling with the
finished product to make the boards fit together.
On Fri, 6/7/19, RH Hutchins  wrote:

 Subject: [OldTools] Tongue and Groove Planes
 To: oldtools@s...
 Date: Friday, June 7, 2019, 12:47 AM
 I've recently seen a Paul Sellers YouTube in
 which he used a pair of 
 old, wooden tongue and groove planes. 
 It was in an episode featuring 
 inlays, but it got me to wondering if
 such a pair might be found in the 
 wild and how much one might have to pay
 for them. Failing that, how 
 would a galoot go about getting irons
 made if he were to contemplate 
 making a prototypical poor man's
 version of same.  The woodies intrigue 
 me more than a metal plough plane or a
 high gizmocity multi-iron get up 
 such as the 45.
 Bob Hutchins
 Temple, TX, USA
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