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268645 Don Schwartz <dks@t...> 2019‑06‑07 Re: Tongue and Groove Planes
On 2019-06-06 10:47 p.m., RH Hutchins wrote:
> I've recently seen a Paul Sellers YouTube in which he used a pair of 
> old, wooden tongue and groove planes.  It was in an episode featuring 
> inlays, but it got me to wondering if such a pair might be found in 
> the wild and how much one might have to pay for them. 

They were a very common tool, so there are still lots of them available. 
The trick is to find a pair that actually belong together ( same maker 
as well as size ), as well as being serviceable.  Failing that, there 
are lots of come-and-go 'match' planes around as well.

> Failing that, how would a galoot go about getting irons made if he 
> were to contemplate making a prototypical poor man's version of same.  
> The woodies intrigue me more than a metal plough plane or a high 
> gizmocity multi-iron get up such as the 45.

There's an article on the FWW site, available to paying customers, on 
making a pair. 

And a video on the tube ht

There's probably more info readily available, but you'll find it. I'm 
getting tired...


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