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268304 Anthony Seo 2019‑04‑15 FS: The Appeal Of April List B
Just a quick list of recent arrivals.  I still have lots of tools off of 
the previous list as well.

PayPal is now accepted and preferred (if you use it) on all items. On 
items less than $25 (not including shipping) I would appreciate you 
using the Send Money to Family & Friends option so I don't get killed 
with the fees but that is your call. Checks and money orders are still 
welcome, it just seems that 1st Class letters seem to be taking forever 
to get from there to here.

And remember........da more ya buy, the cheaper they fly!

First contact (that is e-mail, or phone) that says I want it gets it. 
Oldtools terms, except on items and orders over $100, if I don't know ya 
or haven't done business in the past (and my records good way back..) 
then it's pre-pay. I do take PayPal (except as noted). Prices do not 
include shipping. All items are shipped with Delivery Confirmation. 
Insurance, unless it is a big order or a very fragile item is optional. 
Just let me know. Also, I am shipping a lot more stuff via First Class 
mail. There will be a small amount added to the shipping cover the cost 
of the padded mailer. I don't get them for free.

Please put your name and address in the message. Saves time and email 

Stanley R & L Gage No G35 Transitional Smoother Wood Plane To Restore.  
This weighs 2 lbs 10 1/4 oz unboxed.  This is in To Restore condition 
and was not cleaned.  The sides and top still have some of the original 
finish but there is some staining on the top. The sole has some 
scratches and staining as well.  The combination cap and chipbreaker has 
some rusting on the back.  I did try the two small screws and they do 
turn but I didn't have them all the way out.  The blade has some pitting 
on the front and some rust etching on back.  The screw that holds the 
piece for the depth adjuster does not turn.  The depth adjuster screw 
has some light rust but it does work.  The knob has some dings but it's 
solid.  The tote has some trauma.  This ain't no thing of beauty but 
it's priced below 1/2 of what a pretty one will set you back and there 
is some value in the parts.  Just saying.  $30.00


Blacksmith Forged Hand Held Drift Punch.  Measuring 10 7/16" long, the 
tip is 5/16" in diameter, 3/4" at the start of the handle area, and this 
weighs 1 lb 3 1/2 oz unboxed.  Not signed as to the maker. This is in 
decent condition and was cleaned.  There is some patina including some 
dings and cut marks on the handle area.  I took a little mushrooming off 
of the tip and that is good to go and the same for the striking end.  
This ain't the fancy but it will get the job done.  $18.00


Sculpture Associates 1/8 Inch No 9 Carving Tool Gouge.  Measuring 4 
11/16" from the edge to the top of the handle, the blade is 1/8" wide 
across the sweep, the sweep is a No. 9, this is 9 3/16" overall, and 
this weighs 1 1/2 oz unboxed.  Made in Spain.  This is in reasonably 
good condition and was cleaned.  The inside of the sweep is clean other 
than a few dots of frosting.  The edge feels good to the touch.  The 
handle is original.  That is good other than some dings on the end.  
This ain't gotta fancy pedigree but it will get the job done.  $16.00


Small German Wood Handle Archimedean Drill.  Measuring 9 3/8" long and 
this weighs 2 1/4 oz unboxed.  Not signed as to the maker, this marked 
Germany on the end.  This is in reasonably good condition and was 
lightly cleaned.  There ain't much in the way of patina to fuss about.  
The chuck and jaws are good.  This takes small bits that are square at 
the end.  The shaft is clean other than a little patina down by the 
handle.  The slider is good.  The handle has a few light dings but has 
most of the original finish.  This works just dandy. This is a neat tool 
and one that does not show up very often in this kind of shape.  $18.00


L & I J White 8 Inch Draw Knife Or Drawknife.  Measuring 15 1/8" 
overall, the blade is 8" long, 1 1/4" wide across the edge, 1 3/16" at 
the one end, and this weighs 1 lb 4 oz unboxed.  L & I J White where 
Buffalo NY tool makers in business from 1837 until 1928.  This is in 
decent condition and was cleaned.  There is some light pitting on the 
one side of the steel on the back and a few spots on the other side.  
The edge will need a sharpening.  The iron frame also has some spots of 
pitting.  The top is dinged up and I did take down some mushrooming on 
the back and the front.  The front has some pitting and frosting.  The 
handles are black walnut.  They have some stains and dings.  The right 
one wiggles a hair but it ain't going no where.  The end caps and 
ferrules also have some patina.  This ain't pretty or perfect but L & I 
J White has a long reputation for making quality tools.   $30.00


Lixie B Dual Purpose Bronze Non-Sparking Hammer.  Measuring 12 1/8" 
overall, the head is 3 3/4" long, the face is 1" in diameter, the peen 
is about 3/8" square, and this weighs 1 lb 1/4 oz unboxed. This is in 
decent condition and was cleaned by someone else.  There is some wear to 
the finish on the head.  Both faces were dressed and are good to go.  
The handle is original.  That has some stains but it's solid.  This 
ain't perfect but you can still buy these new for a bunch more money.  
Just saying.  $22.00


Wm Seabold Bangor PA Slater Slate Roof Ripper.  Measuring 28 1/16" and 
this weighs 2 lbs 4 oz unboxed.  William Seabold was a Bangor PA maker 
of slate tools around 1900 but not much is known about the company.  
This is in reasonably good condition for the age and use and was 
cleaned.  There are some spots of pitting on both sides of the blade but 
it ain't like slate roofing is an indoor sport, if you catch my drift.  
The head is good with no cracks that I can see. The face of the handle 
has some dings and a little mushrooming as does the end of the handle.  
This ain't minty but it sure ain't bad and it will get the job done.  $25.00


Two Starrett 4 Inch Toolmaker Tools. There is a No. 277 divider 
measuring 4 9/16" (from the tips to the top of the joint), a No 275 
outside caliper measuring 4 11/16" long, and they weigh 2 1/2 oz 
unboxed.  These are in reasonably good condition and were cleaned. There 
ain't nothing much in the way of patina other than some funky up in the 
joints.  The tips and springs are good.  The screws travel the full 
distance and were oiled.  These ain't minty but they will get the job 
done and they sure don't have the price of a pair of new ones.  Just 
saying.  $50.00


Blacksmith Set Hammer Flatter Head.  Measuring 5 1/2" long, the face is 
1 3/16" high, 15/16" wide, and this weighs 1 lb 8 oz unboxed. Not signed 
as to the maker.  This is in decent condition and was cleaned.  There is 
the usual patina.  The face has light dings and some pitted spots but 
nothing too bad.  I did run a file over a spot of sharp mushrooming on 
the edge.  The striking end had some mushrooming cleaned off before this 
got here.  That is good to go as is the eye.  This ain't minty but it 
will get the job done.  $25.00


Wm Johnson Newark NJ Wood Handle Tapered Reamer.  Measuring 5 1/2" long, 
the blade is 1 7/8" high, 1 7/16" wide across the top, and this weighs 3 
1/4 oz unboxed.  The Wm Johnson company was a long time Newark NJ tool 
maker.  This is in reasonably good condition and was cleaned.  The back 
of the blade has some stained and frosting spots but nothing too bad.  
The edges are good.  The handle has a few stains but it's solid and the 
blade is in tight.  This ain't 100% minty but it's sure better than most 
of these that I see. $18.00


Vintage 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Capper Primer Press. Measuring 4 11/16" 
long and this weighs 3 1/2 oz unboxed. Not signed as to the maker, just 
marked 12 on the ring. This is in reasonably good condition, the only 
cleaning was a wipedown. There are some dings to the finish. The hinge 
has some play but that's the way that these were made. The ring and 
punch tip are good. This ain't minty but it will get the job done.  $18.00


Goodell-Pratt No 813 Scraper Plane Blade Burnisher.  Measuring 7 7/8" 
overall, the blade is 4 1/8" long, 7/16" wide, 1/4" thick, and this 
weighs 3 oz unboxed.  This is in reasonably good condition and was 
cleaned.  The blade has some stained spots and a few spots of frosting 
but nothing too bad.  The edges are good.  The handle has a little wear 
at the top and there is a little funky on the original finish but almost 
all if it is there.  This ain't minty but it sure ain't bad either.  $22.00


Vintage 12 Inch Steel Back Tenon Saw To Restore.  Measuring 17 1/8" 
overall, the blade is 12 1/8" long, 2 1/16" high (from the teeth to the 
start of the back), this is sharpened to 12 PT CC (11 TPI), and this 
weighs 1 lb 3 oz unboxed.  This is signed but the only thing I can read 
is J H and that 1 in the center.  This is in to restore condition, the 
only cleaning I did was on the back to see if the mark would show up.  
The blade has some light patina on the front and more recent rust on the 
back but that should clean up reasonably well.  The edge is good and 
fairly sharp and all the teeth are present.  There is a whisker of a 
wave (no more than 1/32") looking down the edge.  The tote has some 
stains, wear, and a few bits of patin.  Both horns have some chipping on 
the ends.  This originally had split saw nuts, the upper one was 
replaced, and the lower, the nut is missing and the screw is broken off 
at the tote.  But the tote is on tight.  This ain't pretty or perfect 
and it will need some work but it sure ain't ready for the scrap pile 
just yet. $25.00


Hand Forged Blacksmith Bent Knee Tongs.  Measuring 21 5/8" long, the 
jaws are 7/16" wide at the tips, they close to 1/2" with the handles 
crossed, and this weighs 2 lbs 11 oz unboxed.  Not signed as to the 
maker there is a user mark on both sides.  This is in reasonably good 
condition and was cleaned.  There is some patina but nothing too bad.  
The jaws are good.  The joint has some wiggle but it ain't gonna fall 
apart.  The handles are good to go.  This is not a commonly found tool 
to say the least, at least around these here parts.  $26.00



"Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died."

Erma Bombeck


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