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268301 Don Schwartz <dks@t...> 2019‑04‑14 Re: Fwd: Duxbury shop
On 2019-04-14 3:39 p.m., Ed Minch wrote:
> A question - the author talks about some od the planes having a “currency
mark” and those were for sale, whereas those without the mark might have been
used in the shop.  What the heck is a currency mark?  Just a penciled-on price?
They didn't have Magic Markers, did they?
> I tried making the article go through and the site rejected it - it came to me
as an Apple Preview file and opened OK, but OdlTools sure doesn't like it.
Anybody wants it, send me your email and I will forward it.

If I had a bunch of 'for sale' planes mixed in with my users, I might 
mark them with a $ without an actual price, helping me identify them 
quickly and giving me wiggle-room in case somebody wanted to buy one. 
But that's just me.

Please send me a copy. I would have thought you could save an Apple 
Preview file in jpeg format, for example, but I can't say I've tried that.


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