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268300 Ed Minch <ruby1638@a...> 2019‑04‑14 Fwd: Duxbury shop

I contacted the man who is working on the Duxbury Shop about contacting Peter
Follansbee and he said they have exchanged emails but not met in person - I
suggested he do that.

He just sent me an article tells the story of a plane collector who had some
planes by an obscure maker, and it turns out that the Duxbury shop was probably
his joiner’s shop - L. Samson.  The now-dismantled house out front of the shop
had extraordinary trim work and it was posited that perhaps it was used as a
showroom for his work.  The author even found the maker’s stamp still owned by a

A question - the author talks about some od the planes having a “currency mark”
and those were for sale, whereas those without the mark might have been used in
the shop.  What the heck is a currency mark?  Just a penciled-on price? They
didn't have Magic Markers, did they?

I tried making the article go through and the site rejected it - it came to me
as an Apple Preview file and opened OK, but OdlTools sure doesn't like it.
Anybody wants it, send me your email and I will forward it.

Ed Minch

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