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268281 Ed Minch <ruby1638@a...> 2019‑04‑11 Duxbury shop

Went to my grandkid’s Cub Scout dinner on Sunday and his best friend’s family
sat next to us.  Turns out the dad is a PhD student at the University of DE in
material culture.  He and 3 others, including his mentor, Dr. Garrison, just got
back from a 5 day session measuring and documenting this:


He was all over the building and benches and fixtures, even in the crawlspace
under the building, and they noted some rotten plates, but most of the building
is OK.

In addition, they are applying for National Landmark status.  I was able to send
him some links that would be helpful.

We spoke at length and he is not a woodworker so I was able to answer some
questions for him - and not answer some others.  I just got an email from him
and he said he would like me to critique his application especially in the area
of various tasks that would have been done in different areas of the shop on
different benches.

I will be asking for some help when he writes - can I count on youse guys??

Ed Minch

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