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268117 Thomas Conroy 2019‑03‑15 Re: Oldest plane
I still like what I did with a #3, an infill-style cushion that fills sup the
area between the isdes. But I like getting my weight over the plane, as is
possible with a low knob, so the infill style suits me. With yours, in fact you
aren't constrainedd; you could do a real golf ball, or an imitation one. or
something tall and twisty like what a German plane has, or a swan-boat scroll
like a Dutch plane, You could even get [shudder] creative. Do something in iron.
How about a flying dragon for your front knob?

   On Thursday, March 14, 2019, 3:05:28 PM PDT, Michael Suwczinsky
 Great idea Tom,
 "You might be able to remake the cam lever without having to replace the entire
lever cap. Or maybe using a thumbscrew or knurled screw"

I'd thought of maybe seeing if the lever cap from a 6 or 7 might fit. but I
think I might be able to forge and file the thumb lever for the lever cap, and
if that doesn't work, a thumbscrew would let me have fun cutting threads!

Kirk's comment refers to the time Bill K picked up a 4 1/2 at the Alameda Flea,
with a golf ball for a front knob for a piddling amount.  I'm sure I can turn a
knob, though I'm hoping I have a donor plane for the bolt, and I might just
screw a golf ball on there for the funny

On Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 2:13 PM Ed Minch  wrote:

Fun find.  The front knob will be hard to find, but as a user, even a tall one
will do.


> On Mar 14, 2019, at 3:35 PM, Michael Suwczinsky  wrote:
> At least the oldest I've ever found in the wild. A type 4 4 1/2 C plane, at
> least according to the type study flow chart. I'm assuming 1885 due to the
> lateral adjust lever,
> > https://w
> ridden hard and put away wet!  The iron is tapered with an anvil logo
> splitting up the word TRADE   MARK
> and there's a big chip out of one cheek, a missing front knob and the boss
> filled with dirt so crusted over  I'd assumed the threaded rod was broken
> off  and rusted in place. Mineral spirits and toothpicks cleaned it out.
> > https://w
> But with nothing more than a cursory cleaning and not touching the iron, it
> took shavings from pine,
> > https://w
> Telling me that this is a plane that wants to go back to work! $10 for the
> pile that included a Surform, welding gloves and a book on stone knives
> (the paleo archer guys will like that one)
> Haven't been this excited about an old iron plane in long while.
> -- 
> Michael
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