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268116 Anthony Seo 2019‑03‑14 Re: The Road to Damascus
On 3/11/2019 6:07 AM, Tony Zaffuto wrote:
> Ah, that time of year again!  Time to dig out not only my stealth cap, but my
entire stealth suit.  One must have super powers to recognize my get up (such as
our esteemed Mr. Seo).

Well the truck is gassed up and about 3/4 loaded.  I'll be heading out 
early tomorrow to take advantage of the Friday dealer setup and will be 
around of course for the Saturday fun.  The weather is looking good for 
the tailgate crowd (I'll be inside) and this year again there is no 
charge for tailgate selling (although they are threatening that for next 
year).  The change for this year is that the doors open at 8:00 AM 
instead of 9:00 AM like, well forever.

So stop on by, bring some money to spend..

Tony (looking forward to the show, the drive, not so much)

Old River Hard Goods

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