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268109 Michael Suwczinsky <nicknaylo@g...> 2019‑03‑14 Oldest plane
At least the oldest I've ever found in the wild. A type 4 4 1/2 C plane, at
least according to the type study flow chart. I'm assuming 1885 due to the
lateral adjust lever,


ridden hard and put away wet!  The iron is tapered with an anvil logo
splitting up the word TRADE   MARK

and there's a big chip out of one cheek, a missing front knob and the boss
filled with dirt so crusted over  I'd assumed the threaded rod was broken
off  and rusted in place. Mineral spirits and toothpicks cleaned it out.

But with nothing more than a cursory cleaning and not touching the iron, it
took shavings from pine,

Telling me that this is a plane that wants to go back to work! $10 for the
pile that included a Surform, welding gloves and a book on stone knives
(the paleo archer guys will like that one)

Haven't been this excited about an old iron plane in long while.


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