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267821 Greg Jones <gregj96@c...> 2019‑02‑09 A Painted Saw
On 2/9/19 9:20 AM, Tim wrote:
> Has anyone seen any good examples of saw painting lately?
> Tim

Since you asked... ;-)

Here's an example of a cheap, unloved combination saw that I picked up 
with a lovely winter deer scene painted on it.


I REALLY like saws. Well, actually I like most usable old tools and 
usually buy the tools that are too cheap to leave behind at estate 
sales, flea markets, antique malls, etc. I keep telling myself that once 
I retire in another 10 years or so that I'm going to start selling these 
extra user tools that I've picked up on the cheap. However, I do 
officially  collect unusual saws with combination saws being one of the 
subcategories. But I digress...

Anyway, back to the story. I saw the handle on this thing and it jumped 
out at me as different than any of the others in my stash.


Note the shape of the handle with the bump for the palm and the middle 
screw offset from the others. I haven't found a catalog picture that 
matches this handle yet to identify it yet. The artist also kindly 
painted the back of the saw blade flat black and covered the handle with 
poly. When a roundtoit wanders by, I hope to strip the paint and maybe 
find the ruler markings and etch.

That's my story for the day. Anybody else?

Greg Jones
in Fishers, IN

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