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267804 scott grandstaff <scottg@s...> 2019‑02‑07 Re: Of guitar bridges and stag horn
50-gal plastic trash can full of them at a garage sale for $50.00.

I know those guys!! Guys with 50 gallons of antlers.
  They never give them up. They always say they will. but they never 
do.   lol
I have a few, but that's it.

  Look in the front row in this pic. That teensy bird & trout knife? 
That was a 100% legal buck!
  In this state, to take a deer, it has to be at least a forked horn.
2 years and older bucks are the only legal game.
  The hard rule for minimum is, you have to get a wedding ring to hang 
off the fork,
or you are getting a really stiff ticket if caught.
  A friend shot it from a distance with a scope and was kind of 
embarrassed when he got up to it. But it was legal and wasting it would 
be inexcusable.  So he carried it out and dressed it.
  I put the antler to use.
> yours scott

    Scott Grandstaff
    Box 409 Happy Camp, Ca  96039

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