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267659 Tony Zaffuto <tzmti@c...> 2019‑01‑13 Re: Next best to Stanley 42X
Out of the half dozen or so, sawsets I have, I only got my 42X last year, for
the princely sum of $2.00 American.  Excellent shape, just dirt from laying in
someone's tool box for several decades.  Found it at my tool honey hole-
Fayetteville Antique Mall, just east of Chambersburg, PA on Route 30.

Several dealers always have plenty of stuff to go through, but the last few
times I've been there, prices are all over the map-either give away or
retirement fund!


Anthony M. Zaffuto, President
Metaltech, Inc.
3547 Watson, Hwy.
DuBois, PA
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