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267658 "Adam R. Maxwell via OldTools" <oldtools@s...> 2019‑01‑13 Re: Next best to Stanley 42X
> On Jan 12, 2019, at 20:45 , John Ruth  wrote:
> Gentle Galoots Seeking Sawsets:
> $30 for a sawset?!  Thirty Dollars?
> Maybe in the rarefied world of online auctions!

I paid $38 for a Stanley 42X in excellent condition back
in 2012, via ebay. As I recall, that was significantly less
than certain online merchants were charging at the time, and
I was willing to pay it because I thought I needed it.

> From this day forward, I’m buying all the $1 and $2 saw sets that turn up at
Yard Sales, Flea Markets, and Estate Sales.

By all means! The less desirable saw sets can still be had
for much less, but only because people keep saving them from
the dumpster.


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