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267611 Chuck Taylor 2019‑01‑11 Re: Using Old Tools
John, you asked,

"Which issue of FWW contains this Harry Moos piece? Not fair to make tantalizing
quotes without giving a reference! "

The best I can do is the reference I already gave:

> I was looking at an article in old Fine Woodworking collection,
> "Fine Woodworking on Planes and Chisels"...

It is long out of print, and I couldn't find the original article in the
supposedly complete index on the FWW website, but you can find used copies of
"Fine Woodworking on Planes and Chisels" using your favorite search engine. I
found it in a used book store. It was first printed in January 1985, so the
original article appeared in the magazine some time before that.

The article title is "Useful Second Lives / Saving and using old planes." 

Chuck Taylor
north of Seattle

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