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267602 Ed Minch <ruby1638@a...> 2019‑01‑11 Re: KNives

My dad had a similar “tool” for sharpening - noise and a cloud of whatever.  All
of my mom’s good knives had the dip in the center of the blade so they would’t
cut flat on a board anymore, so none of the 8 siblings wanted them when the time
came.  I picked up a fantabulous Sabatier stamped logo 10” kitchen knife 15
years ago and the dip is finally gone - and what a knife.

The rigger on the tall ship I worked on 20 years ago is now the head rigger at
Mystic Seaport - “THE" rigger’s dream job.  He taught everyone to drag their
rigging knives across the belt sander in the wood shop until we found out he was
doing it an banned non-carpenters from the shop all together.

Ed Minch
Good to hear from the elusive GAM
Stay sharp

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