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267591 gary may 2019‑01‑10 Re: KNives
Hi Ed---
  My Dad used to pull all Mom's kitchen knives through a little 'Oster' 120V
two-wheel hollow grinder, noisy and spinning up a cloud of grit---a tailed demon
of the most UN-redeeming sort.
  Its inventor went on to invent  leafblowing pressure-washers, or MUZAK, IIMN
---anyway, I don't think my Mom found the Oster to be particularly effective
(I'll ask her while she's still 88, which means soon) but the buzzing and
clattering kept him busy while she cooked, which had to be good. May men are big
babies when they're hungry; it's a well-known fact
   I'm picturing the tool you describe as a pair of porcelain rods set to hone
at "THE PERFECT ANGLE", providing a knife that can "slice meat so thin your in-
laws will never come back" etc---personally, I don't see any reason why such a
tool could not exist---in my experience, it does not---but that doesn't stop ME
from watching the ads.......

   Fifty years ago, when I was fifteen, I pulled a fairly sharp hunting knife
through Ed May's Oster(izer) and immediately knew that there had to be a better
way.  I'm still working on that; there is always a better way, but thanks to
Steve LaMantia,  the Porch in general and to Brother Brent Beach in particular,
galoots are able to work fatly, happily and efficiently,---with a minimum of
doubt and effort. And no muss.   After all these years, it's still a privilege
and a comfort to be a part of OldTools.
                                        best to all galoots, everywhere: GAM in

How horrible it is to have so many people killed!---And what a blessing one
cares for none of them!
Jane Austen 

    On Thursday, January 10, 2019, 12:18:56 PM PST, Ed Minch 
 Cruising the innerwebs and just saw a teaser ad that admonished:

"Never throw away old knives.  This device will make old and dull knives really
sharp again"

Had to click on it.  First there is a dissertation on how many people feel that
their knife can only be sharpened a few times then it is “garbage” or else they
spent enough money on a knife that it never needs sharpening.  Then it showed
one of those tools that you set on the counter and draw the knife through.


Ed Minch

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