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267583 "Tony Zaffuto" <tzmti@c...> 2019‑01‑10 Re: Millrat tools
I too have one of the "Old Millrat's" tools.  We exchanged a number of items
through the years and several are highly prized by me.  By coincidence, back in
2006, I had a much beloved house beagle named Mac.  I never spoke of the dog
here or, for that matter, anywhere on the internet.  Old Mac had cancer and
though I would have spent any amount of money on his care, the vet said there
was nothing that could be done for him.  The dog died in my arms, carrying him
in the house.  Anyhow, to the Millrat story, though I never mentioned Mac
anywhere, a day or two after Mac passed, I got a package from Jim.  Opening it
up was a note that he wanted to show me his re-saw capabilities.  The wood was
maple, book-matched and coated with shellac.   The image in the center of the
piece was a virtual image of my dog.  This piece and the saw will remain in my
shop, as prominent as those tools I inherited from my dad.

On another, electron related note.  Jim also accumulated old power tools with
aluminum housings.  I had a box with a crapload of those old electron burning
demons that I had inherited, and some that just found their way to me.  Those
all went to Jim, and I hope the old goat is smiling down at us, knowing we
remember him.


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Roy Griggs said:

I too have one of Jim's panther head saw handles, and assorted other tools I got
from him. What bothers me most is that as I sell my tools off the provenance on
these items will slide into history and be lost.

Friends, what is emerging is our awareness of the astonishing number of tools
that Jim actually had and then passed on.  We joke from time to time about
creating magnetic anomalies, but Jim may have really done it!


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