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266999 Bill Webber <ol2lrus@v...> 2018‑11‑08 Re: Bud Brown's Show and Auction
Ed, are you trying to make trouble? :-)

pro·to·col, noun, the official procedure or system of rules governing....

AFAIK there is no official protocol for this, however, I have 
established a set of rules for my own use.  I have documented the 
original condition and contents in the write-up and pictures I posted 
last spring.  That establishes my baseline.  It is pretty easy to tell 
from the pictures a lot of stuff doesn't belong where shown and in many 
cases doesn't even belong in the tool chest.  Tools that are definitely 
original to the tool chest are marked with John Hilton's name stamp or 
simply initials JH.

I documented the original condition in a pdf file that I've posted.  I'm 
documenting my changes/additions in discussions here and in more detail 
in a chapter II to the first pdf.  I don't intend to publish that but it 
will be available for the next caretaker.  My rules include:  I will add 
old tools as I see fit and deem appropriate.  I will not mark any tools 
I add.   I will make tools that fit in specific locations, like the 
squares I made.  These are obviously new and not distressed in any way 
to fake anything.  I'm showing what the tool chest likely held in 
specific locations.   I have, and will, make repairs as needed.  I see 
no need to explain these.  I expect Mr. Hilton would have maintained his 
chest as necessary.  Again, they are simply repairs with no attempt to 
make them appear aged or antiqued.

I spent some time deciding what my goal is for the chest.  I guess I'm 
simply maintaining a cleverly designed chest and showing a tradesman's 
tools at a point in time.  Perhaps not completely accurate but it will 
be better than what I inherited. I have letter stamps like most folks, 
but I'm sure they would differ forensically from the letter stamps Mr. 
Hilton used.   I don't see any particular value in trying to fake 
anything in this chest.  As I wander around in the chest, I'm still 
finding interesting things.  In fooling with these coffin planes I found 
a compass plane that Mr. Hilton owned.  He had chiseled out the name of 
a previous owner and added his own name stamp.  Fun stuff!

That is a quick shot at a nearly coherent explanation of my approach.  
To be honest I doubt I could change the value of the chest much no 
matter what I do.  I'll try to keep it reasonably pure and simply enjoy it.

Bill W.
Nottingham, PA
Woodworkers visit me at http://bi

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