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266991 Bill Webber <ol2lrus@v...> 2018‑11‑08 Bud Brown's Show and Auction

Brown's seemed to have a few more dealer participants this year. I was 
anxious to find tools to fit in my tool box.  I made templates of 
squares and winged dividers I hoped to find.  I made photos of empty 
slots and labeled them with all the dimensions needed to put tools in 
them.  I even carried the one removable till with me. But, alas, it was 
not to be.  I couldn't find anything on my list from any of the 
dealers.  Oh well, maybe next spring.

The only item I picked up from the dealer sale was this set of what are 
commonly called /Interchangeable pattern makers gouges/.


I've seen several sets of these on line and that seems to be the 
accepted name for them.  Unfortunately they are not marked with a 
maker's name.  One fellow's web site attributed their manufacture to 
Buck Bros, but he couldn't verify his claim.  These are sturdy, well 
made, and supposedly used for light finish work in the pattern makers 
trade.  Has anyone with Buck Bros catalogs ever seen a listing for 
these?  Any other catalogs?  A named manufacturer would be nice to have.

I made a carrier tray and put them in the tool chest.  They are probably 
not period appropriate but the tray is easily removed should it offend a 
new owner's sensibilities.


I attended the auction on Saturday.  Prices seemed to be generally 
high.  No real basis for the comment other than I didn't get a lot of 
things I was interested in.  In spite of my grumbling I won five lots.

Lot 532 was two steel-soled smoothing planes.  Both coffin shaped and by 
English makers.  One by Richard Nelson, with the Edgeware Road mark 
where he worked from 1835 - 1852, 7-1/2" steel sole has lips that run 
the length and are screwed into the sides.  Has a Marples and Son 
cutter.  The second is a rosewood model by John Cockbain, 6-3/4" sole 
has has two flanges that may help in alignment but the sole is held on 
with two screws from the top of the body.  Mathieson cutter.  These 
screws through the body show a lot of wear, like they were some kind of 
user access to something, like a chip breaker screw.  Seems a little 


One of these looked like it might fit the tool chest and Jim Bode was 
interested for a while, so I brought them home.  Surprise, surprise!  
The Nelson plane fits perfectly into the coffin shaped cut outs in the 
tool chest.  The dog meat smoother that was stuffed there before now 
will go on the burn pile, literally, sans iron.


This Millers Falls bench mounted drill press wasn't something I was 
extremely interested in.  It has a high gizmocity factor and I put a 
relatively low price on it.  It is a MF No. 20 drill press with a 
2-speed breast drill No. 97.  It has a feed wheel and multiple 
adjustments for positioning the drill and table/vise.  No one else 
really wanted it so I guess it will stay attached to my set up table 
until it gets in the way and then I'll move it along.


The auction also offered up two more sets of those Interchangeable 
pattern makers gouges.  Based on the price I guess they are not held in 
high regard.  A small architects adjustable square completed my purchases.

All in all I'm happy with what I got.  LOML was happy the price was much 
lower than years past.

Next show is MWTCA Area P in York, PA, January 26th


Bill W.
Nottingham, PA
Woodworkers visit me at http://bi

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