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266744 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2018‑10‑11 Re: Can't resist old scissors

IMHO the "scissors problem" is similar to the "saw problem!"  Both are rooted in
the fact that "They just don't make them like that anymore!"  This drives one to
acquire them "While you still can."

Regarding traditional methods of scissors manufacture in the golden age of
British cutlery, the late Ashley Isles wrote "There is nothing easy about
scissors."  (This is in Isles book "Memories of a Sheffield Toolmaker" )  He
wrote of scissors makers finishing the interior of the handles by stringing
multiple pairs on an abrasive band and then mounting the band on a pair of
wheels in the manner of a band sander.

Regarding having "too many" scissors stashed around the house: It's better to
have a pair handy and not need it than to go across the house to fetch one when
all you want to do is snip a loose thread on your shirt tail.

John Ruth

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Subject: [OldTools] Can't resist old scissors

Drives my wife nits because we have scissors all over the house. All users, I
just stick them in various drawers. It is just that when i see a good pair of
vintage scissors for a buck or two I can’t leave them laying there. This wee i
found a small pair of Osborne scissors. Didn’t even know they made scissors. The
catalogs I found on-line suggest they are Bent Trimmers for the upholstery
trade. But, the ones in the vintage catalogs are not this small. These are a tad
under 7 inches and the catalogs show 8 inches and up. Logo and handle design are
also different. I figure the logo should be a clue to dating them. Any ideas?


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