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266727 scott grandstaff <scottg@s...> 2018‑10‑08 Re: no power shop build update...
10 to 20 strokes through a 2X4 means your saw is dull.
  Take the time to tune it up and do it in 4.
A full sized crosscut in prime condition can do it in 3.

They called us wood butchers partly because it happened fast.

6 to 8" a stroke ripping 1X pine. fast

I happened to catch last years international logging competition on TV
    There were couple of Americans in the 2 man crosscut event.
  These boys were big. They had obviously been pumping iron forever.
  When the whistle blew those men went ballistic.
  Whipping that saw back and forth as fast as you could watch.

But then came the top Aussies.
Instead of pumping iron these boys had used their time differently. They 
unpacked a truly prime saw, gleaming in the sun.
  When the whistle blew they commenced to take absolutely full strokes. 
At about 1/4 as fast as the Americans.
      But -------cups------- of chips fell with every stroke.

   There was no contest at all. They won by almost 1/3 as much time, and 
they weren't huffing like marathon runners either.
    yours scott

    Scott Grandstaff
    Box 409 Happy Camp, Ca  96039

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