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266710 James DUPRIE <j.duprie@c...> 2018‑10‑07 no power shop build update...
so, as I thought, framing without power is pretty easy. A 2x4 takes between 10
and 20 strokes to cut. Driving nails by hand is nothing new, so the lack of nail
guns doesn't really count for me....

Stapling up over 4,000 SF of insulation (walls and ceiling) DOES make the idea
of an electric stapler seem appealing, but in all honesty, it isn't that big a
deal. Instead of squeezing the stapler, I use my whole body and sort of lean
into it to push the lever down. 1/2" staples (I don't know how many thousand,
but a lot) go in easy - especially if you avoid the knots in the 2x studs...

I have another couple weeks before I start putting up the OSB (yeah, I decided
to go with OSB. Cheaper than drywall, and I find it more forgiving to work
with), and I'll have to use screws on at least the ceiling (I'll probably nail
the walls). I may end up waiting for power to do the ceiling because even with a
drywall lift, I expect it to be a major PITA, and a screw gun is easier and
quicker for me at that angle (I'll also be about 13' above the floor...)

I'm still up in the air on the concrete sealer. TONS of great info from the
porch... A penetrating sealer needs the concrete to cure for at least a month.
the way things are playing out I may still have a more or less empty shop at
that point. If I do, I'll use the penetrating sealer I already have, but will
probably hit some of the high traffic areas with "floor paint". I'll definitely
be getting some sort of floor mats for the places I spend a lot of time. With
radiant heat, I'm leaning towards the open mesh type, but the foamy 'jigsaw
squares' are cost effective, and super comfortable (and if I'm willing to accept
nursery type patterns, I can get them for almost nothing on craigslist...). In
any case, I have time before I need to decide that.....

Hopefully, this week I'll finish the framing, get the plumbing roughed in
(toilet, shower and sink), finish the electrical rough in, and get that
inspection done.....Still waiting on getting the well connected, and (obviously)

Updates as they occur....

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