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266515 RH <rhhutchins@h...> 2018‑09‑16 Re: Coupla Things
Thanks for the help, Kirk!

The sharpener I was looking for is made by KUM (Germany, I think) and 
has 2 different sized holes.  I found them on Amazon in a 3-pak for way 
too much geld (~$14USD).  Fleabay showed the price of a single unit at 
~$10USD.  While searching, I can across this URL: PencilThings - High 
quality writing and drawing products! <h

I think this might have been the site I remember from years ago. They 
still have the KUM 2-hole sharpener listed but as out of stock.  Their 
price each is $2USD.

Again thanks for the help.

Bob Hutchins
Temple, TX (a southwestern US state, Jeff)

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