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266094 <mickeyelam@g...> 2018‑07‑12 Re: Colonial Williamsburg
I was just there on Friday of last week with my 10-year old son; he really
enjoyed it but I thought things were at a very superficial level for the
stuff I was interested in as an old tools aficionado.  We hit all the high
points:  blacksmith, joinery, cabinetmaker, carpenter's yard, cooper,
foundry, gunsmith, wheelwright, and brick yard.  Of all these, the
highlights for me were the blacksmith and brick yard.  We didn't make it to
the Governor's Palace or the Capitol, as my son is more of a crafts kid than
anything.  I will say to be prepared for a bit of walking, as things are not
right next to each other, but it's not great distances and you can make
great use of the free shuttles from the visitor's center with a bit of

If you have the time, I can highly recommend the Mariner's Museum in Newport
News; they have a number of artifacts recovered from the USS Monitor,
including the turret from the boat.  They are using what I imagine are some
of the largest electrolysis tanks ever built to remove rust and other
"things" from the turret, guns, and steam engine from the Monitor.  Frankly,
I could have spent an entire day at that museum.  If you're going to
Williamsburg from Virginia Beach, then you'll pass right by the Mariner's

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My son graduates from Navy Music School in Virginia Beach, VA next week.
 Since we will be that close SWMBO and I are planning to spend a day at
Colonial Williamsburg.   Can any of you offer any hints as to how the time
will best be spent since we only have the one day?

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