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266076 Ed Minch <ruby1638@a...> 2018‑07‑11 mystery K7

Went to the local auction this morning.  Saw Todd and he told me something that
I am not sure I believe.  He was at the Airport Flea Market in Wilmington DE
last Friday when a friend went down one side of an aisle and he went down the
other, and at the end of the aisle his friend showed him a very nice Stanley #1
plane he just paid $5 for!!

At any rate, he and I checked out a plane at the auction that he ended up

It was  #7 size marked K7, but it was no Stanley, and no Bedrock clone.  The “K”
and the “7” were over/under instead of side-by-side.  The japanning was in good
shape but looked like it had very coarse sand in it - almost like 40 grit
sandpaper.  On the toe was a small cast, raised square with 4 letters in it, 2
over 2,  that I could not read.

It had a later Stanley tote and knob (very thick varnish), a recent Stanley non-
Bedrock frog with the vertical writing on the lateral lever, and a VICTOR blade.
All of it looks to have been taken off a recent Stanley plane and put on this

My first thought is someone else made planes for Keen Kutter besides Stanley,
and the innerweb tells me that Ohio tool made transitionals for them, but only
Stanley appears to have made the metal planes, both K- and KK-.

Anybody know anything?  I think the key is the cast square with the 4 letters.

And here is something cool.  I am in the middle of another guitar made of
Alaskan Yellow Cedar.  The sides are about .085” thick and have no finish on
them.  I set the guitar on a window seat and noticed this when the sun was




Ed Minch
Lucky to have found a K-2 in the wild

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