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266073 Mick Dowling <spacelysprocket@b...> 2018‑07‑10 Re: interesting French plane
Don, GGs

That's an incredibly long way out for the shavings. I'd like to see the
shape of the throat. Plenty of opportunity for jamming/choking.

I also wonder if it is to be used primarily single handed.

Mick Dowling
Member, Hand Tool Preservation Association of Australia Inc.

On 11/7/18, 2:49 am, "Don Schwartz"  wrote:

Jim Bode has a French plane on his site which appears to be a jointer (
21in). It has a carved escapement and an integral 'push' which wraps 
> the top and right-hander's 'near' side, in-line with a patch in 
the sole in
> the usual position just ahead of the mouth. It seems to me 
that the shape of
> the 'push' on the side of the plane is not suitable 
for grasping or pushing
> with the left hand. It looks more suited to 
pushing with the right hand, with
> the thumb wrapping around the side. 
That would ensure solid contact between
> the sole and material ahead of 
the mouth. But that puts the right hand ahead
> of the mouth, a most 
unusual position.

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