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266009 scott grandstaff <scottg@s...> 2018‑06‑14 Re: Every dog has his day
> Just picked up a foot operated machine today, for a song (hint).
> > https://photos.app.goo

Hey thats a rockin machine!
The redeye was one of the first actual bobbin machines. Enormous power 
Seen people sew 8 layers of Levi denim with leather on top!

They came treadle, hand crank or early electric motor, depending on what 
you ordered.
   I'd be lookin' for a top grade 8 drawer treadle base!~ drool

  If you lived nearby, I have a naked base you could have for free.
Well come to think of it, I have a pretty plain top I would toss in on 
the deal
come get em! :)
yours scott

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