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266007 Michael Suwczinsky <nicknaylo@g...> 2018‑06‑14 Re: Using a lock mortise or swans neck chisel
And much like levering out chips with pigsticker Mortising chisels
(personal gateway tool into galootish things), leave a  bit at each end of
your mortise, while your cleaning out that messy, messy bottom.

I always leaves good 3/16+ on each end, to push and pull against, and bring
it to final ‘ height’after the mortise is deep enough.

In use the swan neck I had rocked back and forth in the mortise ( in
softwood, practice joints), and would build up a fuzz on the bottom that
the pigsticker cut free.

Michael- whose woodworking of late is barely measured to the quarter inch.

On 9 June 2018 at 10:56, Michael Blair  wrote:
> > > So it's a scraping tool, not a chopping tool. That's probably why it's
> > cutting edge is nearly perpendicular to the end of the chisel.
> >
> > I wouldn't call it a "scraping tool."
Michael Suwczinsky

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