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266000 gary may 2018‑06‑11 Re: Nothing Here - Move on
Al Perreault:
      As I live and breathe!  An afternoon spent at my house in Olympia would
probably be a pretty help with the angst accompanying an 'actual' tool
acquisition emergency. I don't hear the alarm signal so loudly now that I've
moved down here, but I can quickly open up some boxes if I hear something that
might be it.  Also, many tools are hard at work, and many others are in serious
re-hab, and all of that is in process, not quickly, more glacially, but moving.
It can be proven. Drop by a check it out.

                                           see you soon? I know---you're on the
opposite coast---but I hope to hear from you soon, anyway, it's always been too

in OlyWA/USA

 with a house full of womenfolk.  It's graduation for both, one just commenced
and the other this weekend---and plenty of proud family visiting.

How horrible it is to have so many people killed!---And what a blessing one
cares for none of them!
Jane Austen

      From: Alan Perreault 
 To: oldtools@s... 
 Sent: Friday, June 8, 2018 7:15 PM
 Subject: [OldTools] Nothing Here - Move on
This is a test of the Emergency Tool Acquisition System. This is only a
test. Had this been an actual Tool Acquisition Emergency, you would have
been directed to your local flea market (not mine), where caffeine assisted
states of euphoria would immediately ensue. Please remember, this is only a


Smells like boiled linseed oil in here.


Al Perreault

Wachusett Galoot

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