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265991 Christopher Dunn <christopherdunn123@g...> 2018‑06‑08 Using a lock mortise or swans neck chisel

I've got some deep blind mortises and I'd like to clean up the
bottoms. You're probably thinking that nobody will ever see the
bottoms so why bother? I'm not sure I can sleep soundly knowing my
mortise bottoms are unkempt (dirty clothes all over the place, that's
fine, but unkempt mortise bottoms are certainly not). So I bought a
lock mortise (or swans neck) chisel.

I figured, how hard can it be? It's got an end that will cut me, and
an end that won't. Apparently it's pretty hard cause I can't figure
out how to use it!!!!

So how do you use it?

Do you hold the handle with two hands and dig with it?

Is the curved part for prying?

Do you hit it with a mallet?

The handle doesn't have any dents in it, so the previous owner didn't
hit it with a mallet. Or perhaps they were as stumped as I am and set
it on a shelf?


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