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265987 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2018‑06‑04 Re: Garrett Wade

Their website currently shows a folding workbench which I don't recall seeing
before, but then again I don't check their website all that often.

I once visited their Manhattan store, back in the day. It was not on the street-
level floor, which I thought was kind of cool.  IIRC, Rising Manhattan rents
eventually forced them to move. Wish I'd frequented the place more often, as
they had "scratched and/or cracked" benchtops for sale rather cheaply, on a cash
& carry basis.

John Ruth

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Subject: [OldTools] Garrett Wade


Remember when Garrett Wade was a great source of tools and supplies?  Is it just
me, or have they stocked the exact same products for the last decade?  It seems
like they never have anything new and they have clearance sales on the exact
same products that "must go!" but their prices never seem attractive.

Is it just me?


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