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265979 Brian Rytel <tesla.drummer@g...> 2018‑06‑02 GalootCentral and GIC info
It's seems some changes have been made to the service running GalootCentral
(GC) all the way since it's inception. This is unexpected on my part and
has resulted in some downtime and issues with access. Rather than
troubleshooting through this legacy server, I'm going to move it to my own

Short version: You may not be able to hit GC or Galoot Image Central (GIC)
for a few days/weeks. When it is moved there will be an archive of GIC and
new images will be uploaded through a different method; details
forthcoming. Overall this will be an improvement with larger filesizes,
simplified links and other pluses, so please bear with the inconvenience.

Any specifics or concerns can be emailed to me directly, I'd rather not
clutter of the list with administriva. The email addresses with @
galootcentral.com may not work during the transition so please respond
through my email as seen on the list.

Longer version: The current GC site is hosted on a former Galoot's server
with an old (by web standards, not Galoot standards) management system. The
GIC is actually built into the management system and is itself a maze to
decipher. The only reasonable solution is to completely overhaul the
backend. I had worked out a way to do this some time ago but decided the
usage was so low and the effort so high that I'd let GC and GIC trickle
along. However, with a few recent issues, I'd like to move it to where I
have more control and a clean management system that I actually understand.

Subdomains/Sites/Galoots with FTP access:
Several galoots have or have had their own sites on the GalootCentral
domain (ie yourtools.galootcentral.com). These are mostly effortless to
move to the new service and I will just have to provide new login details.
I've had backups on the new server for awhile just in case. I've had a
couple users reach out to me but please email me if you need access to your
site and I'll get you set up as soon as I can.

Angels: GC contained several websites of passed galoots. The same applies
to these as above.

GIC: I have all* of the files that are currently on the site. They are
stored in a very arcane way in the file structure and will need to be
processed. It would be be very helpful when contacting me if you include
your GIC username.

Luckily, I made an archive of GC (including GIC) that mostly looks and
feels like the current site so that it can be browsed 'as-is'. That archive
is over a year old and will be missing some of the most recent uploads.
Active GIC users (of which there may be only one or two posting) should let
me know if they feel things are missing and I'll try to get it worked out.

Future image uploads: I intend to duplicate all of the images from GIC into
the galootopedia.com wiki system. This is a much more friendly interface
and less complicated for me to manage. It will be the place for new
uploads. The bonus is that you get some other pages on the website and can
edit articles if you wish. I have some updates and features to tweak before
this is ready.

*as far as I can tell

Brian Rytel

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