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265846 Kirk Eppler <eppler.kirk@g...> 2018‑05‑17 Re: Use of zig zag rules
On Wed, May 16, 2018 at 9:27 PM, Chuck Taylor via OldTools <
oldtools@s...> wrote:

> Esteemed Gentle Galoots,
> Bill Webber's thread about zig zag rules raised a question for me:  Does
> anybody actually use a zig zag rule? For what application?

When traveling in Europe, all the craftsman I see are using them.  We
brought in a Swedish firm for a startup, and that's all they used.  I have
bought a couple of nice metric plastic ones for when I don't want to get
wood dirty, like water depth.

I personally use my zigzag with the little extension thingie for inside
measurements, especially for fitting molding.

Kirk Eppler in HMB, CA, where 2 horned smoothers, a T&G pair, and a chisel
got cleaned up and returned to service.

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