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265843 kurt schmitz 2018‑05‑17 Zig Zag Rules

Those cabinets are glorious, very nicely done. I’m insanely jealous of that
Lufkin cabinet, too. Thanks for sharing!


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Date: Wed, 16 May 2018 12:24:40 -0400
From: Bill Webber mailto:ol2lrus@v.
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Subject: [OldTools] Zig Zag rule shortage
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If there is a zig zag rule shortage I'll offer my apologies for at least 
part of it.? I picked up this Lufkin rule display last fall at Brown's 
auction: http://billw
ebber.galootcentral.com/1804-018.JPG <http://billwebber.galootcentral.com/1804-018.JPG>

Then, in February, another auction netted these: 
ootcentral.com/1804-020.JPG <http://billwebber.galootcentral.com/1804-020.JPG>

I don't like the ratty boxes much so I made two of these: 
ootcentral.com/1805-020.JPG <http://billwebber.galootcentral.com/1805-020.JPG>

If you are having a slow day at work, the tedious story is here: 
ber.galootcentral.com/rule%20display.html <http://billwebber.galootcentral.com/rule%20disp

Now, back to the wood pile.? I think I have a nice dry piece of cherry 
to make a really big square.

Bill W.
Nottingham, PA
Woodworkers visit me at http://bi
llwebber.galootcentral.com/ <

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