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265709 Don Schwartz <dks@t...> 2018‑04‑12 Re: Four Whatsis, not bookbinding.
On 2018-04-12 12:27 AM, yorkshireman@y... wrote:
> Summat’s flummoxed wor Tom.   (something has puzzled our Thomas, Paddy)
> The bottom two suggest ring tools for turning, and the elegance of the handle
suggests Holtzapffel to me.  The knife above suggests green wood carving, but
the handle shouts ‘turning’ so I lean towards it being a turners tool, perhaps
used as a fine chisel/skew chisel, though I’m prepared to believe its just what
it appears to be, and a carving knife.
> As for the top item, I too an flummoxed, I have, and use something vaguely
similar, which is used as a temporary rest on end turning.  Let’s suppose you
wish to dish the foot of a bowl, say, after separating the work from its
tailstock support stub, you place the mystery item at ninety degrees to the
toolrest, on the toolrest, thus forming a support for a scraper - or a dinky
ring tool to clean up the end.  no stopping involved, just a continuous
production movement.   The fluting on the end mandates against this theory
though.  (In other words I have no solid idea!)
> Richard Wilson
> Yorkshireman Galoot

Agree the ring tools are likely for turning. The knife looks like - well 
- a knife. But the top item: might it be a parting tool, an elbowed 
parting tool?



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