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265705 Don Schwartz <dks@t...> 2018‑04‑11 Re: flattening Black Hard Arkansas
On 2018-04-09 10:55 PM, Brent Beach wrote:
> Don
> Perhaps a bit of diamond on the crystolon to break up any glazing?
> Brent
> On 2018-04-09 18:19, Don Schwartz wrote:
>> On 2018-04-09 4:51 PM, Cliff wrote:
>>> Nuthin' brings da galoots out like a discussion about making a rock 
>>> flatter
>>> Don't ya love it? 
>> Well, the 325X diamond is quicker than the coarse Norton Crystolon, 
>> but it's still bloody slow!
>> Don
Thanks Brent, I tried that, but it was still slow. A little faster 
maybe, but not quick enough. And I was reluctant to rub the BHA on the 
exposed foundation down the basement. So I let the thing sit until this 
afternoon, when I recalled having a couple of Eze-lap diamond paddles, 
which our daughter gave me some time ago - and for which I'd found 
little use - until now.


I have the black (Coarse, 250X) and the green (Extra Coarse, 150X). I 
generally err on the fine side, so I put the 250X paddle to work on the 
high spots, and it cut the BHA just as nice - and quick - as can be, a 
lot quicker than the 325X ( which may be worn). The white dust that 
accumulated on the low spots and on the paddle was so fine, it reminded 
me of the floury silt that washes down from the mountains in glacier-fed 
streams. Finer than flour, so fine it gets into your pores. And as pure 
a white as you wouldn't believe coming off a black stone.  I kept a 
spray bottle of water handy, set to give a stream, and cleaned the 
paddle off with it as the dust accumulated, drying the paddle as best I 
could between sessions. As Kurt suggested, the high spots just spread 
out to the edges and disappeared there. And low spots which I hadn't 
noticed before accumulated enough of the white rock dust to make 
themselves visible. So there it is, a thoroughly satisfying discovery. 
The right combination of hardness and coarseness, and at an affordable 
price point! Now that the high spots are cut back, I'll finish and 
maintain the BHA on the Norton Crystalon. Those paddles are worth their 
weight in, um industrial diamonds?


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I’ve moved on.

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